Material Overview

Silicone materials – An overview
Our products are produced using numerous silicone compounds, in order to meet customers’ individual requirements.

Our standard material, silicone rubber SL 601, is a transparent compound with a hardness of 60° Shore, and is suitable for use in the food industry.

Its thermal resistance is 180° C in continuous use, and up to 250° C in the short term.

Our silicone elastomers can be mixed in any colours:

  • RAL
  • Pantone
  • BS-Colours
There are no limits to the special colours available.

To meet his/her requirements, the customer can select from various silicone materials with:

  • Different Shore hardnesses
  • Higher mechanical values, such as tear propagation resistance
  • Higher thermal properties
  • Increased flame resistance
  • Medical-pharmaceutical qualities

The following table provides an overview of our silicone range:

Silicone materials
Hardness 12° to 90° Shore
Colour Any RAL colour and colour matching to customer specifications
Thermal resistance -100°C to +300°C
Tear propagation resistance 16 kN/m - 45 kN/m
Elongation at tear 200% to 1.000%
Curing agent Platinum curing - Peroxide curing


The basic compounds of our silicone products have various licenses for food, pharmaceutical and drinking-water use.

Licenses available for extrusions and moulded parts

Licences Area of application Available Shore
BfR XV Silicone Food 30° Shore to 90° Shore
FDA § 177.2600
EG VNr. 1935/2004
KTW A Kalt- und Warmwasser Drinking water and sanitation
DVGW W 270
3 A Sanitary Standard
USP Class VI Pharmaceuticals and medicine
ISO 10993 Biokompatibilität
European Pharmacopeia
PA/PHExp. 3/T (82) 57
Laboratories UL 94-HB / UL V0
Behaviour in fire