Moulded parts

Moulded parts
As a company, we have also produced moulded silicone parts for more than twenty years.

The interesting properties of the material allow parts to be produced for the widest areas of application in the fields of industry and medicine.

Silicone material for producing moulded parts

Our moulded silicone parts are produced as standard using a solid rubber (HTV).
The curing agents available are peroxide-curing and addition-curing types.

Moulded parts can be produced in hardnesses from 30 Shore to 80 Shore.

The properties of the material and the areas of application meet those of extruded silicone compounds:

  • High thermal stability to 280°C
  • High flexibility in cold to -60° C
  • Resistant to weathering, ageing and UV
  • Very good physiological compatibility


Part sizes and series sizes

Our production machines allow moulded parts to be produced with parts weights from 1g up to 2 or 3 kg.
We are set up to produce both small series with a couple of hundred parts and also large numbers of pieces.
The production of moulded parts is based on customer requirements, with reference to the:

  • Geometry
  • The material requirements, such as Shore hardness, colour and licences.

Additional services

  • The creation of technical drawings for a moulded part
  • The creation of small series
  • The creation of prototypes


Based on the silicone compounds for extrudates, compounds for moulded parts can also be used that meet the relevant licences for food, medical and drinking-water use.