Fabric-reinforced tubing

Fabric-reinforced tubing
For applications in which the medium is conducted through the tubing at a specific pressure, silicone fabric-reinforced tubing is required.
Silicone fabric-reinforced tubing is a combination of standard silicone tubing with fabric braiding, fixed in place by a silicone coating. This bond provides pressure-resistant silicone tubing.

Variants of silicone fabric-reinforced tubing

Our company produces fabric-reinforced tubing with

  • Inner diameters of 2mm – 50mm
  • Outer diameters 6mm – 65mm
The inner tubing and the outer silicone layer can be produced using any silicone rubber.
Just like standard silicone tubing:
  • Peroxide-cured fabric-reinforced tubing
  • Platinum-cured fabric-reinforced tubing
Standard fabric-reinforced tubing is produced using:
  • 70° Shore compound
  • Transparent inner tubing
  • Fibre-glass fabric braiding
  • Transparent or red coating
The following can be provided on customer request:
  • Shore compound between 60° - 80° Shore
  • Various fabric braiding
  • Any other colour
  • Fabric-reinforcement with multiple armouring
  • Two layers of reinforcement for particularly high pressures


Dimensions of fabric-reinforced tubing

Inner diameter Wall thickness Outer diameter
2mm bis 50mm 2mm bis 10mm 6mm bis 65mm

Fabric braiding

We provide the following fabrics as reinforcement:

  • Polyester | Particularly suitable for dynamic pressures
  • Fibre-glass | For static pressures, at high temperatures
  • Aramid | Both thermally resistant and suitable for high, dynamic pressures

Mode (only as a guide) Relation to the test pressure for operating pressure Ratio of burst pressure to operating pressure
Water tubing, maximum operating pressure below 10 bar 1,5 3,0
tubing for other liquids, solids dissolved in liquids or air and water hose with a working pressure above 10 bar 2,0 4,0
tubing for compressed air and other gases 2,0 4,0
tubing for liquid media at pressure reduction, ie pass when discharging into the atmosphere in a gaseous state 2,5 5,0
Steam tubing 5,0 10,0
table: circumstances of testing and burst pressure to operating pressure.
Source: DIN EN ISO 7751: 1997

Conforms to important licences and standards

Various licenses are available for the basic compounds of our fabric-reinforced tubing:

For the food industry

  • BfR XV Silicone
  • FDA § 177.2600
  • EG VNr. 1935/2004

For the drinking water and sanitation industry

  • KTW A Kalt- und Warmwasser
  • DVGW W 270
  • WRAS
  • 3 A Sanitary Standard

For the pharmaceutical industry

  • USP Class VI
  • ISO 1099