Standard silicone tubing
In our extrusion plant, we can produce any dimensions up to an outer diameter of 190mm.
With this wide production ability, we can produce the desired cross-section for any customer requirement.
Standard silicone tubing is produced with a Shore hardness of between 30° and 90°.
On request, the tubing can be tinted in any RAL colour.
The compounds used for the tubing are vulcanised using a peroxide or a platinum cure.
Various licences are possible for our basic tubing compounds:

Properties of silicone tubing

Inner diameter 0,5mm - 160mm
Wall thickness 0,25mm - 50mm
Outer diameter 0,8mm – 190mm
Shore A 30° - 90°
Colour Any RAL- Colour
Curing agent Platinum and peroxide

and thermal properties of silicone tubing

Thermal stability -100°C bis +300°C
Tear propagation resistance 16 kN/m - 45 kN/m

For the food industry:

  • BfR XV Silicone
  • FDA § 177.2600
  • EG VNr. 1935/2004

For the drinking-water and sanitation industry:

  • KTW A Kalt- und Warmwasser
  • DVGW W 270
  • WRAS
  • 3 A Sanitary Standard

For the pharmaceutical industry:

  • USP Class VI
  • ISO 10993


The further processing of tubing into assembled articles is required in many applications.
After extrusion, numerous finishing steps can be carried out on the tubing:

  • Bonding to rings or frames
  • Cutting sections to length
  • Printing tubing
  • Hole punching
  • Surface treatment of extrudates


Silicone foam tubing
Special applications require a combination of particular properties in silicone rubber and foamed articles.
Our tubing is foamed using special foaming agents. The foam structure has closed cells.
Foaming gives the tubing:

  • Significantly lower density
  • Greater compression
  • Greater resilience
Depending on the dosage of the foaming agent, various foam types are possible:


Silicone foam tubing properties

Inner diameter 2mm - 80mm
Wall thickness 2mm - 30mm
Shore hardness A 5° - 30°
Density g/cm3 0,25 - 0,65

Regarding the physiological properties of the silicone foam, there are two compounds:

  • Technical, NON-FDA quality
  • FDA quality