Round cords

Round silicone cords
Our selection of round silicone cords and sealing cords are available in diameters:

  • from 1mm
  • to 50mm
Round cords are produced with a Shore hardness between 30° and 90°. On request, round cords can be tinted in any RAL colour. The compounds used for the round cords are vulcanised using peroxide or platinum cures, according to customer specifications. The introduction of fibres for non-extensible attachment and production as foam round cord is possible.
Various licences for the basic compounds are available for our round cords:

For the food industry

  • BfR XV Silicone
  • FDA § 177.2600
  • EG VNr. 1935/2004

For the drinking-water and sanitation industry

  • KTW A Kalt- und Warmwasser
  • DVGW W 270
  • WRAS
  • 3 A Sanitary Standard

For the pharmaceutical industry

  • USP Class VI
  • ISO 1099



The further processing of round cords into assembled articles is required in many applications. After extrusion, numerous finishing steps can be carried out on the round cords:

  • Bonding to rings or frames
  • Cutting into sections
  • Hole punching
  • Surface treatment of the extrudates


Round foam cords

Just like tubing, round cords can be foamed using special foaming agents.
Round foam cords can be produced in the same dimensions as compact cords.
Depending on the dosage of the foaming agent, various foam types are possible, with different Shore hardnesses and density types.
Regarding the physiological properties of the silicone foam, there are two compounds:

  • Technical, NON-FDA quality
  • FDA quality