Silicone in traffic engineering and railway engineering

Silicone in traffic engineering and railway engineering

The prerequisites in the railway sector for the sealing material are increasing more and more. Silicone is the suitable material for meeting important fire protection standards.

Seals that are generally used in railway and traffic applications must meet high fire protection requirements.
One requirement is the self-extinguishing property of the elastomer. In this respect silicone is superior to other elastomers such as rubber or EPDM.
Silicone has a very good resilience to withstand adverse conditions without losing its properties. In contrast to other elastomers, silicone can withstand much higher temperature ranges and has better fire behavior.
Our company owns silicone compounds that meet the requirements of the railway industry for self-extinguishing and low smoke gas properties. Customer requirements regarding colour selection and mechanical values can be met in a wide range.
Important standards are fulfilled, such as

  • Fire protection in rail vehicles NF F 16- 101 (According to French building material regulation)
  • Firetest to Railway Components BS 6853
  • Preventive fire protection in rail vehicles DIN 5510
  • Fire protection in rail vehicles, requirements for the reaction to fire of materials DIN EN 45545-2