Silicone in gastronomy

Silicone in gastronomy

High quality standards and strict legal regulations characterise the requirements in the food processing industry.

The food industry requires the use of elastomers that are physiologically harmless.
Silicone fulfils this property because it has no negative effects on the human organism.
Silicone is non-toxic, has no plasticizers and therefore meets the most important national and international requirements.

A practical advantage is its easy handling: silicone products are easy to clean and disinfect. The chemical resistance to conventional cleaning agents is very good.
The resistance to water vapour and grease can be further improved by special silicone mixtures.

The prevailing operating temperatures of up to 300°C in the hot area of various machines or up to minus 100°C in the deep-freeze area in the gastronomy sector can almost only be sealed by silicone profiles.

Our company has silicone mixtures which fulfil all necessary mechanical properties and all necessary approvals for the catering trade.